Monday, July 4, 2011

About this project

I have learned that rape is something whispered about, or talked about from behind closed doors. This is a major problem. If people are not aware of what can happened to them they can never be prepared for when it does, like myself, I never even thought about rape. I was not aware that it could happen to me. The second problem is that a lot of people only believe that a stereotypical rape happens with college students at a party and someone drops a date rape drug into their drink. We were not taught to believe any different. It was only after group therapy that that I realized, anyone can be raped and anyone can be the perpetrator. I had soon learned that is not only a stranger, but more statically correct, someone that you know. I met girls that had been sexually assaulted by their fathers, uncles and brothers. The list was endless. I also learned that it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any age. My project is about standing up to show that this is a major problem. Most rapists actually pride themselves and take advantage of the fact that they do not think we will tell or stand up to speak for ourselves, I refuse to be a quiet victim any longer, it is time to fight. I believe in photography making a social change and this is a way that I can incorporate my passion of photography with my strong belief of helping other people. As survivors of this vicious crime we can not hide anymore, in the shadows of guilt and shame. We need to unite, stand up together and show America that this is a problem.

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