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What other participants are saying about Regain Your Voice:

"This project is a chance for survivors to reclaim themselves." – Jennifer

"I am thankful for such an opportunity to share my story." – John

"I think it’s extremely important that women who have been assaulted are not kept silent. Being raped is nothing to be ashamed of." – Melissa

"I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell my story along with many others. It makes you realize how strong you are and how strong you have become from it." – Chrissy

"I hope that it provides support to other sexually assaulted women who are afraid to talk about their painful experience. I strongly believe that talking about it helps to heal your soul." – Tani

"It is here when you are ready to regain your voice. No more hiding. This project is the safe place for your story. Finally, rest." – Joya

You can also share your story by emailing me at with the answers to the questions below:


How old were you at the time of the assault (s)?

How old are you currently:

Where did the assault(s) happen:

Did you know the person(s) who committed the assault(s):

Did you tell anyone about the assault (s) at the time:

Did the assault (s) go to a court trial?

Was there a sentencing?

Do you think they will commit sexual assault again?

What would you like to say to people about sexual assault?

What would you like to say about this project?

What is your story?