Friday, March 1, 2013

New Project Idea

When I started this project in 2004 in San Francisco, CA my goal was to empower Survivors, to give them back the voice that was once lost or was not heard. I started by meeting and photographing women in SF and the Bay Area. I also met with women in San Jose and Santa Cruz who opened their hearts and shared their stories with me. As I wanted to expand the project it was difficult to find a way to meet to them in person to photograph them to help share their stories.

With the prevalence of social media now I have been thinking of a way to open up the project world wide with it being easily accessible for participation.

My goal is to have a photo of each survivor with the caption "I'm a Survivor". They can also share their story and Regain their Voice.

Below is a sample:
Please help spread the word, participate, share, help bring awareness to sexual assault. For survivors to heal and to help with prevention. You can be apart of something big! #regainyourvoice


Matthew DeAngelis said...

Hi my name is Matt DeAngelis one of Claudia's followers and she has blogged so much about u and the site that I wanted to meet u. Tell me a bit about yourself and good luck with the site.

EN said...

Thank you so much Matthew! Feel free to like Regain Your Voice on Facebook and Twitter as well! Thanks for the support!

Matthew DeAngelis said...

Anytime, I'll do it right away!! I'm even close with your friend Claudia.

Matthew DeAngelis said...

I already did!! except for twitter cause I'm not really a fan of it. Do u plan on posting other topics besides this?