Sunday, July 20, 2008

Expanding Project!!

After many requests I have decided to expand Regain Your Voice! Many people would like to participate that do not live in my area, therefore I cannot photograph them.

I have decided to accept stories from anyone from anywhere without having their photograph taken.

I did not feel it was fair to exclude people who were out of the area for the sake of a photograph.

Therefore if you are not in the area or just would not like your photograph taken - you may still submit your story!

As always you can email me at with any questions and visit to see an example of the project...

thank you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project is on Display!

Regain Your Voice is currently on display at John F. Kennedy University ( in Campbell, CA - It will be on display throughout Summer 2008. We had the opening on Monday, July 14th!

There is now a total of 9 participants stories on display!

First Regain Your Voice Blog Post!

RYV is inviting anyone and everyone to participate in this project – – pass it on! I am looking for participants, men and women!

I have started this blog to create an open forum on this topic and to give project updates!