Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Regaining Her Voice: Mya's Story

How old were you at the time of the assault(s)?

How old are you currently?

Did you know the person(s) who committed the assault(s)?
He was a boy that desperately wanted to go with him and he desperately wanted to take my virginity

Did you tell anyone about the assault(s) at the time?

Did the assault(s) go to a court trial? Was there a sentencing? If so, how long?
I never did press charges

Do you think they will commit sexual assault again?
Yes, he probably has already

What would you like to say to others about sexual assault?
Tell somebody if somebody has or tries to sexual assault you

What would you like to say about this project?
I really like this project a lot. I like the fact that I am able to share my story with other people.

I was about to get of the school bus and the boy had bumped in to me, he had apologized and we all got off the bus [he just happened to live in the same apartment complex as me].I was walking home and he came up beside me and told me again that he was sorry and he told me his name I told him my name and we started associating from then on. He started walking me home from school every day after we got off the bus, at first he was really sweet and he was cute to so I was really happy about that. Then he started asking me to go with him and I told him no because I had just met him and I wanted to get to know him better. From then on he started asking me out and I still told him no. Then he started asking me every day if he could come over to my house and I told him no because I am not allowed to have any kind of company while my mom is not home. But he still would not listen and he would keep me outside for hours trying to come inside my house. Then one day while we were outside he had asked me if I was a virgin and I told him yes, and from then on he started asking me to have sex with him, and I would tell him, no I want to wait until I was married. And then I remember this one day he kept asking me if he could come inside my house and I once again told him no. He had snatched my house key out my hand and he unlocked my door and went inside after I told him not to, it was like it didn't even matter that I had told him that I did not want him to come inside my house. I kept asking and telling him to get out of my house but he would not listen. The next thing I remember is him on top of me and I’m trying to push him off and I’m telling him to get off of me but he would not listen and he would not get up and I kept on trying to push him off and he got so aggravated with me trying to push him of that he took both my arms and pinned them to the ground and he had my legs pinned on the ground to so I couldn't defend myself in any kind of way and he told me "you gonnna feel it today!" and I screamed "no, get off of me" and "no I don't want to" and he started trying to kiss me on my neck or my lips I couldn't remember but when he tried to kiss me wherever I started moving my head from side to side like I was shaking my head no and I once again started screaming no. All of a sudden got up and he told me the only reason why he didn't go through with it was because of the way I was looking or something about my eyes I can’t remember, but I still have not told anybody about what had happened and he tried to rape me again several months later at school and that time I went and told the assistant principle and they said there wasn’t anything that they could do because he already withdrew from the school and when I had told my best friend what happened and i had told her to tell her cousin to stay away from him and she did and he denied the whole thing and said that I was lying about everything and he tried to get his sister to fight me and his sister didn't try and fight me because she said she didn't know who I was[she was lying because she rode the same bus] and now I’m still kind of scared to go back to my school [he's back at the school] because I know I am going to see him. and I’m scared to tell anybody else about what happened I haven't even told my mom or dad about what happened yet and all this happened last year I am just so scared right now and I just don't know what to do.

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