Monday, December 26, 2011

Moving On, Living in the Moment

One of the most difficult things I have experienced from healing from sexual assault is moving on with my life and living in the moment. I felt like I had lost so much of my childhood and one day I was an "adult" but I felt as if I was stuck in time and I was still 14 years old, but I wasn't, the years were flying by. I felt as if I had lost so much time and I was afraid to lose more so I started to be so consumed with time, and doing things as fast as possible and feeling as if I could never accomplish anything I wanted. I also felt as if I was going through the motions, that I wasn't really living, I could not live in the momemnt. I was so consumed with the past and where I was going that I never focused on where I was in the present moment. Now, eleven years later I am still trying to practice living in the moment. I am taking this time, in the last few days of 2011, to remind myself how much I want to continue to practice and learn how to live in the moment. I am urge you to do the same thing. We can't live in the past, nor can we live in the future. We only have this moment and we need the live it.

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Claudia said...

I'm moved by your writing. I too would love to live more in the moment for 2012.

I wish you the best with it, may 2012 be the most awesome year yet!